2016: A Year of Diversification And Innovation



Considering the new trends observed, 2016 has been a year of diversification. The emerging platforms and new visual formats have further the complex ecosystem of social networks.


The power of influence in social media is within the reach of all

The emergence of new aggregation platforms and multiplicity of platforms have given rise to new types of influencers. Today, more than ever, anyone can distribute content, and be an influencer in his community. The power of information is within the reach of all. The influence of ever-growing celebrities on YouTube (Pew Die Pie) or Instagram (The Instagirls) demonstrates this.


Content providers in the hot seat

In recent years, companies and organizations have engaged heavily in the production and distribution of content. However, faced with a glut of content, users have developed the habit of “content snacking”. This is an instant and rapid consumption of information that requires a new strategy and puts content providers on the hot seat. To meet their growing content needs, companies and organizations will need to foster sustainable relationships with influences.


The emergence of interactive and episodic content

The growing interest in visual content platforms has promoted the development of new forms of storytelling approaches combining interactive and episodic content. Podcasts and webinars are the new broadcast channels with platforms like Blab quickly becoming viral. While interactive info graphics continue to gain ground among new generations. Social media influencers find themselves on multiple platforms, using several formats to reach target audiences.


Clash of content and customization of the message

The increase in format types will force companies and organizations to diversify their approach depending on the target audience to stand out even more. They will have to do more and ensure a constant presence on multiple platforms to reach their customers wherever they are. Contextual data analysis enable them to further personalize their message and thus better meet the needs of target audiences. Beyond the content, user engagement will become a priority for organizations.


The rise of the amplification and virtual assistants tools

At the same time, the diversification of platforms and broadcast formats also requires companies and organizations to implement targeted strategies to amplify their message beyond the masses. Automation tools like Buffer, Storify or Hootsuite, and virtual assistants will allow organizations to better plan their presence on social networks according to their resources, and get better results with target audiences.



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