Can You Define Emerging Media?


Can You Define Emerging Media?

By: Eric M. Winkfield


During the next 8 weeks I will be on a journey with some classmates in my Emerging Media and the Markets Course. During this time I will be engaging in discussions on various topics around emerging media. However, before I just start making post regarding this subject I believe it is important that I clearly define what the term emerging media is therefore my readers who may not necessarily have a background in communications can be informed and contribute to these conversations with their unique prospective to the topic. So you may what wonder what is emerging media and what is the big deal about it.

According to the American Journal of Business, The most commonly applied ‘shorthand description’ of emerging media is that it is communications – of all types – based on digital technologies, and increasingly with interactive components.

Emerging media will:

  1. a) Alter the influence of distance
  2. b) Increase the volume and speed of communications
  3. c) Enable interactive communications
  4. d) Permit the merging of media forms.

Whether we like it or not, the communications world is rapidly changing, and this is heavily effecting the advertising and marketing community. There must be a massive shift in the way we communicate our brand message. We must build relationships and grow our brand through unique selling points and complete transparency. We must build relationships with our potential customer regardless of our product or service.

Emerging media is the evolution of utilizing technology to share information in new and innovative ways. Current trends in marketing include an explosion in digital media with the development and expansion of social networks, blogs, forums, instant messaging, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, rich media and paid and organic search all the way to offline trends in discovering the power of word of mouth marketing (WOM) techniques and strategies that become a part of integrated media and marketing campaigns.

So over the course of the next eight weeks I look forward to taking this journey with you. Feel free to comment, ask questions, challenge my thoughts and add some of yours as well. My main goal is to use my blog as a forum for learning and advancement in the field of communications.

Buckle Up! Let’s hit the road.

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